Vegetarian & Vegan Menu


8.30am – 11.00am



Our oaty granola is baked full of goodness. It’s lightly sweetened with sticky dates, supercharged with nuts, seeds and berries and bound together with a little delicious and nutritious coconut oil. Have it hot or cold with your choice of organic cows, soya, coconut, oat or almond milk.


Pot of Gold Porridge

Spiced golden porrige made with our special blend of fresh, organic turmeric and giner roots. sprinkled with cinnamon, cconut sugar and coconut flakes.



A frittata syle omelette made with chickpea flour, so naturally vegan, gluten free and protein rich! filled with seasonal vegetables and served with 3 toppings from the deli. we recommend aioli, chilli jam and sauerkraut.


Sourdough Toast 

Proper sourdough from Wild Bread in Faversham. Toasted: 75p

-add home-baked beans +£2 

-jam/peanut butter/marmite etc +£1


12pm – 4pm

Our vegetables are supplied by Brockman’s Farm in Chartham – just outside Canterbury. Providing us with the best organic or spray free veg from incredible local farms.


Tasty homemade soup is available everyday. Have a look at the board for today’s option. Always naturally vegan and gluten free. Add a slice of sourdough for 50p.


Jacket Potato

Crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle, filled with our home-baked beans and topped with either cheese, vegan cheese or hummus.


Full Fermental

Sourdough bread/toast with our fermented lemon hummus and a selction of seasonal fermented vegetables. Gut healing, tangy and delicious!


Hot Pot

A warming curry, chili or stew served on rice or other grains, mash or polenta. Have a look at the board for today’s option


Salad Box

Create your ultimate salad from today’s chilled display. Add any 3 of our homemade toppings you like – seeds, kimchi, sauerkraut, aioli, harissa, chilli jam, pesto…the list goes on.


Special Box

Today’s burger, jacket potato or bake with your choice of sides, salads and 3 toppings from the jars



Hot Drinks

Served your way with cows, soya, almond, oat or coconut milk


Coffee from the Micro Roastary in Canterbury

Seasonal, quality coffee beans are expertly roasted around the corner by Nick at the Micro Roastary

From £1.80

Speciality Drinks

Organic Matcha latte, Red Velvet hot chocolate, Cinnamon latte, our famous Turmeric and Ginger latte and more!



We stock a large range of gorgeous Pukka Teas

Cold Drinks

Pure, organic fruit juices and sparkling drinks.

Green smoothie

our ultimate blend of organic kale, banana, dates, tahini and almond milk


Gold smoothie

our special blend of organic turmeric and ginger roots with spices, banana and coconut milk


Still or sparkling mineral water


Organic fizzy cans


Organic, bottled fruit and veg juices




Our cakes are famous in Canterbury for being exceptionally delicious and surprisingly nutritious. We make many raw, vegan and gluten free options.

Did you know you can order a whole cake to take home with you?

Allergies & intolerances

We cater for many allergies and intolerances at our veggie/vegan cafe. At least half of typical lunch time menu will cater for vegans, lactose intolerances and gluten allergies, however, please call or email us before you visit if you want to be sure we can help you. Details of ingredients can always be asked for. As we make everything from scratch here, we know exactly what goes into our food. But for ease, look out for the many vegan and gluten­ free options on the menus and chalk boards, indicated by (v) and (gf).